Joker 8000

The new version of Joker 8000 that was introduced by Microgaming is arguably even better than its predecessors. The aim of this online casino game is to try and bring classic casino games into the virtual world, thus making this game one of the best on the market nowadays. In fact, some experts have rated Joker as one of the best casinos available on the internet today. To prove this, take a look at some of the highlights of this highly anticipated release:

It's clear to see that the aim of this online slot machine is to reproduce the real life experience of playing the slots in the casinos. For example, with Joker 8000, you'll be able to enjoy all the classic casino games without ever leaving your house or without having to pay the full price. The charm of these kinds of virtual slots lies primarily in their authenticity, which is why the developers try to fully recreate the land based casinos. With Joker 8000, all the classic elements of brick and mortar slots are successfully capture and everything that come before is just a 3-reel virtual version with five lines, all too familiar symbols: bananas, cherries, watermelons and so on.

Another great thing about the new version of Joker is the inclusion of a bonus mechanism. There are times when a player wins a jackpot and earns in return a free ticket. The newest version of the game includes a system that will allow the player to combine winnings with credits to earn even more money from the game. The developers of the game really did their research when it came to the design of the joker 8000 slot machine, which is evident with the fact that the game still incorporates the random number generators that are the staple of all the best casino games. If you want to have the time of your life without having to spend a dime, try this slot machine!