Secrets of atlantis

Secrets of Atlantis is an exciting, high-flying, casino game that features one of the most popular themes in the slot machine industry. The game is based on the classic story of King Arthur, who is responsible for the search for the mythical kingdom of “The Grail”. This game presents an exciting re-enactment of this legendary event. It's a fun, lighthearted way to spend an afternoon at the casino and win big!

Secrets of Atlantis is a solid, full-size slot-game with 40 variable payouts and 8 revolving payout tables. One of its main attractions is the game's highlight feature, which randomly displays symbols on its revolving reels. A Colossal Symbol Re-spin award is what you'll receive if all three coins come up “filled” after you spin your reels. And while these symbols do not have any bearing on the actual payouts, they do speed up gameplay.

In addition to the random symbols on the reels, the Atlantic numbering system also adds a unique flavor to the game. Each number corresponds to an occurrence on a particular reel, and certain symbols stand for “hot” icons on that reel. For example, if a symbol shows up five times on a spinning reel, that icon represents the five symbols preceding it on the line. The “hot” icons on a particular reel mean that you would want to bet that number's worth (i.e., the maximum payoff from that combination). This is an easy, free way to open up your playing strategy and gain valuable cash flow by identifying the best paying combinations – hopefully avoiding the costly “fill” symbols.