Twin spin

Twin Spin on King Casino is an absolutely free-to-play casino game on Net ENT. This is yet another high-tech, internet casino game which uses the latest innovations and visual designs to give you an engaging playing experience. With 237 payout lines, a cool soundtrack, and an awesome twin reel feature, Twin Spin on King Casino will definitely have you shaking all around! The multi-player fun in this casino game is what sets it apart from its competition. The two players of each team are seated at opposite ends of a nine-hole course and are able to rotate around the disc to make a stable shot on the other team's side of the course. The aim is for your team to get all their money into the pot before the other team does.

A lot of people aren't aware of all the many exciting and funny ways that the developers have taken classic casino game play and incorporated it into the twin-stick gameplay of Twin Spin on King Casino. For example, the old school fruit machine was replaced with a fake bowling ball, the reels had a wider variety of merchandise to see, and even the payout rates were adjusted so you would be getting a higher payout than on the older machines. There are even some “paid” variations of the game available. It would be great if you played this game for free, but the truth is, there are no “paid” versions of Twin Spin. The only way to play for free is to access the casino's “old school” website where the same gameplay can be found.

One of the coolest features of this game is that the reels display a variety of symbols instead of a standard ball. For example, there are symbols for your name, the word “spinning”, “reel” and “game” – all displayed in a scrolling sequence on the screen. These scrolling symbols give this game an “immense” feeling while simultaneously increasing your chances of winning. In addition to that, you'll find that this online slot game has great graphics and great sound effect, something that definitely impresses any visitor to your site!